Hurricane Ridge


Having a 1 and a 3 year old at home means we aren’t doing as much travel as we’d like these days, although we do try to get out for quick local trips in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. A couple of weekends ago, we took our girls and went on a day trip to the Olympic National Park, and spent some time hiking Hurricane Ridge.



Saying it was foggy, is an understatement. We could barely see well enough to drive. But, I loved it, because I knew the fog would make for some really cool photos–especially black and white ones. I was so excited, I started snapping photos through the fog, out of my windshield, on the drive up the mountain.




Once we got there, we loaded the girls into the stroller and took off up the mountain. I’m convinced it was kind of hilarious to see us taking our made-for-city-streets stroller up all of the not-so-stroller-friendly steep paths, but it was so fun, and the girls really enjoyed it. We also saw many deer, which made my little animal-lovers squeal with delight.

7 stroller 7 8

From above the fog, it felt like we were standing on top of the world. I used my iPhone 6 to capture all of my photos, and also used the panorama feature for a few shots. It was fun to try it out– I don’t use panorama much. This was the perfect opportunity.




It was really fun to get out and take some photos of beautiful scenery, since I usually focus so much on portraits, and of course it was fun to capture a few photos of my girls exploring a new place.

I can’t wait to go back.