I’ve been using a new (to me, I’m about a year late) app to edit my iPhone photos, called Litely, and I love it. At first, I was unsure: I’m so addicted to VSCO Cam that it was hard for me to be open to a new app. But, I kept playing with it, and realized that Litely makes my iPhone photos look deeper, with more texture, more similar to the way film looks. Some of my photos end up having so much texture I can’t believe they’re not film.


It’s really simple to use, you just select a filter, slide if you want a change in intensity, and then you can make small adjustments to the sharpness, exposure, vibrance, etc. For those of us who aren’t pros, it’s really easy and user-friendly. I think it’s aptly named, because it does give a lighter touch, and it’s absolutely perfect for an already-great shot, to just subtly enhance it and make it look even more beautiful.



I definitely think the additional filters are worth purchasing– I purchased them all– because they are beautiful, and not expensive. Being partial to black and white, I do wish it had more black and white filters available, perhaps one with more contrast (though you can adjust contrast in the app). For me, I prefer editing color photos with it. I like a high contrast black and white photo, but for some monochromatic photos, the subtle tones in Litely look lovely.



Sometimes I need a little more help for my photos than Litely can give, so I’ll keep VSCO Cam around, but Litely really is a lovely app and welcome addition to my phone’s “photography” folder. It’s nice to have an option for editing photos in a natural way, that doesn’t scream “filter.”