A Shoot with a Friend, and a New App

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I happen to have a gorgeous, dear friend, who is expecting her third baby girl.  I thought it would be fun to give her a couple of beautiful photos to remember this special time, and I also wanted to practice taking photos I knew I’d edit in color, since I tend to gravitate towards black and white.

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So, I asked my friend to come over, cut some flowers from my yard and made a flower crown, grabbed my iPhone, and we went to a nearby park to play in the sunshine.

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The tall grass in the golden sunshine was my favorite, and I would have made my friend stand in it to take about 100 more photos, but her allergies started acting up and I couldn’t, in good conscience, make my pregnant friend sneeze all evening.

IMG_4295 copy

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When I got home, I spent some time gently processing my favorite photos from the park with my favorite color photo editor, Litely. I liked the way most of them looked at that point, but some of them seemed to be missing something, and my tilt focus tools from various apps weren’t giving me the look I wanted.

IMG_4344 copy

IMG_4357 copy

So, I googled and found an app called After Focus, and used it to add just an extra-special touch to some of the photos.

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After Focus is really cool, because it does what it sounds like it would: it gives your phone photos an SLR look, after they’ve already been taken. It’s not the easiest tool to use and get perfect, because you draw the areas you’d like to remain in focus with your big finger, on a small iPhone screen. I’m betting a small stylus could help.

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IMG_4398 copy

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One thing I found frustrating, and it could be user error since it’s a brand-new app to me, is that I’d zoom in and be doing fine detail work, and it would keep zooming out on its own. It’s also really time-consuming, so obviously it would be better to just use a real SLR camera, than plan on editing a ton of photos this way after taking them.

IMG_4363 copy


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The app offers some additional tools: things like filters and a sharpening tool, but I prefer other apps for those functions. Even so, the one use I have for it is worth it, and it’s a good app to add to my iphoneography arsenal.

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Thanks to my sweet friend Heather, for being such good sport, and a lovely subject!