Apple Store Event

I had the absolute honor of hosting an event, and presenting about my iPhone 6 photography, at the Apple Store in San Francisco this past Wednesday. It was such a great feeling to tell some of the stories behind my photos, and share some tips about how to capture special moments. The Apple employees I worked with were the most kind and fantastic people. I also felt so much love from both old and new friends, and my husband Ben, who came to the event to support me. It was just such a joy all around.


In case you couldn’t be there, or were and want to be reminded of these, here are a few of my top tips from what I shared:

1) Editing is like makeup for a photo. In order to have a stellar one post editing, it needs to be a great image to start with. Focus most of your attention on taking a great image. (My favorite editing apps are listed here.)

2) The forward-facing camera will give you a lesser-quality, lower resolution image. Try to use it infrequently.

3) Don’t worry so much about the “rules” of photography. Focus instead on the moment and telling the story.

4) Pay attention to the light and seek interesting light.

5) Take lots of photos and don’t be afraid to try new things.

6) The image is for you. No one has to love it, but you.


Thanks so much to those who came, and I hope these tips are helpful!