Lately, I’ve been into capturing silhouettes. I find them so interesting to look at, especially if they can tell a story without even being able to see the person’s (or animal’s) face. I think I’m drawn to them because they have an air of mystery, and they feel candid and serene. I like that.


My top tip for capturing them would be to really pay attention to the background, and make sure that the person’s profile is framed by something light enough, or is lit up by enough light, to make the profile stand out. For example, if your subject is in front of a window, move your camera until her entire head falls within the backlight of the window.


I also like capturing silhouettes in ways that aren’t so obvious, such as the photo below, of my daughter in a grassy field.


I like to do them in black and white. That’s definitely not a requirement, and I’ve seen some gorgeous ones captured in front of colorful sunsets, I just like the classic look that black and white gives them. Black and white also makes the light the focus of the photo, which is cool in photos where just the profile is illuminated by light.


Here are a few more that I’ve shared here before, but love:

In this one, I moved until I got her entire head framed by the window light:


I did the same with this photo– moved until her body was nicely framed by the window light:


I noticed the sun gave interesting backlight here, and that my husband’s face was a nice silhouette against the light sky, and my daughter’s face was nicely lit by light.


Same thing here, I noticed the sun gave my daughter’s profile an interesting and beautiful glow:IMG_5737

I saw this deer, and moved my camera down, until the light sky was perfectly behind it:IMG_9757

My favorites are the ones that wouldn’t be considered traditional silhouettes. I think it’s fun to explore the boundaries and find interesting ways to capture them.

All photos were taken and edited with my iPhone 6, as usual