iPhone 6s Plus

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I got the new iPhone! And I even went for the Plus! I went bigger solely to have the best iPhone camera possible. I don’t have much to say that hasn’t already been said in tons of reviews written by more techy people, but I will say that I love the camera, and the video is CRAZY smooth. I absolutely notice a difference in photo quality between my iPhone 6, and my iPhone 6s Plus. The images I get are cleaner and richer, just more beautiful.

sleeping sloane

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I thought the large size of the phone would bug me: be too big for my back pocket, my little wristlet purse, and my hand, but I’ve found that it fits in all 3 just fine. I love how much larger the screen is because I do so much reading and photo editing on the device. I might just be a permanent Plus convert.

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Somewhat recently, I had been wooed by the FujiFilm X100T, and strayed from taking all my photos with my iPhone, but the new phone has me using it at least 50% of the time I take photos, if not more.

front porch copy

I also wirelessly transmit all of my Fujifilm photos to my 6s+, and edit them entirely on, and with my phone apps.

Aidy and her besties copy

seattle center copy

I have a longer post for tomorrow on some new (to me) iPhone editing apps I love, so for now, I’ll let my photos taken and edited with the iPhone 6s Plus do the talking.

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