RNI Films- An App Review


Recently, when I posted my review of some iPhone photo editing apps I love, here, a guy (@daveday on Twitter) tweeted asking me if I’d ever heard of, or tried RNI Films. I hadn’t, but now it’s one of my absolute favorites. (Thanks, Dave!)

IMG_7525 IMG_7531

My usual go-to remains, VSCO, despite shorter-lived favorings of Litely and Mextures. I still love the latter 2 apps, and use them, but I love film-emulators, and VSCO just has so many options, beautifully-toned filters, and endless possible adjustments. I always go back.


However, this time, something is different. I had my usual obsession with RNI Films, went back to VSCO, and then something strange happened: I went back to RNI Films again, and use it at least 50% of the time. Previously, my go-to for black and white filters, especially when I wanted them to truly look like film, was BLACK App. I love it, and I’ve reviewed it before, but RNI has more black and white film filters, and they are beautiful.


RNI stands for Really Nice Images, and it’s true. Also, the app is free in the app store. I can’t even believe this beautiful app is free. With the free download, it offers a good amount of filter selections already, and allows you to purchase more selections via in-app purchases: 2 negative films packs, a black and white films pack, a vintage films pack, and an instant films pack. Each pack is $3.99, which I believe is well-worth it, yet you can get by without purchasing any of them, and still have plenty of nice choices. There’s also one pack, that you can get for free if you share it on Facebook. Initially, I only purchased the black and white pack and the negatives packs. It’s within the last week, after loving the app so much, I bought the rest.


The film filters truly look like film emulsions. The resulting images are richly-toned and beautifully-textured. It offers film stocks from Kodak, Ilford, Agfa, Rollei Digibase, and Fuji. There are 5 types of film presets divided up into categories: Negative, BW, Vintage, Slide and Instant. I use the Negative and Black and White packs the most often. My favorites of the filters for color in the Negative group are the Agfa Optima 200, the various Fuji Superia options, and the Kodak Portra options. My favorites for black and white in the BW group are Agfa Scala 200, Ilford Delta 100 HC, Ilford Delta 400, 800 and 3200.


The app is simple to use. First, upon opening it, you load your image, and it asks you whether you’d like to straighten or crop. Then you move to the next screen, where there are 4 simple icons to select from. Click on the little arrow to go back to the previous, first screen. Click on the film icon to select an emulsion, on the wrench and screwdriver icon to fine tune, or on the arrow to export back out to the photos folder. It’s intuitive and clean, no library of previously-edited images to wade though, gallery to publish to, or shop to accidentally click on, a la VSCO. It’s purely editing.


The fine-tuning features are similar to VSCO, with the ability to adjust brightness, contrast, clarity, grain, shadows, highlights, pre-warmth, post-warmth, pre-tint, post-tint, saturation, sharpen, vignette, fade, and dust, all on a sliding scale, which I appreciate, and prefer to VSCO’s tick scale. I rarely, if ever, use these features, and if I do, it’s mainly opting to up a little brightness, contrast, or sharpen a touch. I’d like to think it’s because my images don’t need it past the filters, but I think RNI just does a really great job with their emulsions as-is.


It would be easy to say that RNI makes my images look like film, because I shoot with a Fujifilm X100T that already makes my images look like film. But, even my iPhone photos end up looking like beautiful, authentic film. Every one of the images in this post, is shot with my iPhone 6S Plus, save for this last one, which was shot with my iPhone5.


Of all of the film-emulating apps so far, this is my favorite, and I believe it’s the best when it comes to capturing a true film look.

You can download RNI Films here in the app store.