I Shot a Wedding

Ok, I was the second shooter. But as much as I have had a love affair with photography over the last 3 years, this solidified it for me. I have never experienced the magic of capturing people in love this way before, and I’m addicted to freezing that emotion in time forever. I’ve resisted moving into the professional sphere, but I keep getting pulled to it, and I think it’s time I’m honest with myself about how much I love being able to hand someone an image that makes them cry (happy tears). So, I’m going to make myself available…a little more available, to shoot a few sessions or weddings a year.

Now on to these lovebirds: I had never met Casey and Calvin prior to their wedding day, because I was added on as the second shooter. It was a pretty amazing experience to get to know them through my lens. How much they love each other was palpable for everyone in their presence. They are humble, Jesus-loving, kind, and considerate. So much of their day was focused on thoughtful details: letters written to one another before the ceremony, self-written vows, and meaningful touches that made their day even more special.

They decided they didn’t want to do a first look, so the first time they laid eyes on each other was when Casey walked down the aisle. It was beautiful to watch Calvin’s face as he saw his bride.

Their friends were such fun people, and it was evident how much they supported this union, and were so happy for their friends. The groomsmen got silly in the forrest, and then coordinated a shot watching the couple from the side of the barn, just after they had been married. They also had a surprise for the couple, and with the help of the officiant, photobombed the first kiss!

After the ceremony we had a moment to capture some portraits of the newly-wedded couple, and they couldn’t stop kissing each other and laughing. It was embarrassing how many times I reminded myself not to cry, and just shoot. I did cry a little during the dances, especially when I caught Calvin’s mom wiping tears away while she watched her son and new daughter dance.

I hope they cherish these images as a reminder of their truly magical day. As a stranger with a camera—I felt it—and I can only imagine the depth of the happiness they felt. I hope the moments I caught do their day justice.

Thank you, Calvin and Casey, for letting me be part of your amazing day, and I wish you the happiest life together.

Emotional, candid, moody, full of love, that’s my style, and I can’t wait to share it some more.